COREVIP is an assembly of the Chief Executive Officers of AAU member institutions or their representatives. The Conference is held every two years with the purpose of examining collectively themes identified as common concerns and priorities for the development of higher education in member institutions in particular and Africa in general; making recommendations primarily to members, as well as to the Governing Board of the Association, and to the Secretariat; and acting as a mid-term forum for taking stock of the implementation of the decisions of the General Conference, and recommending corrective actions. The COREVIP is an event centered around Higher Education in Africa and it provides the attendees with the opportunity to join in to learn about the State of Higher Education in Africa. The 20th COREVIP was held in Al-Azhar University Conference Centre, Cairo, in the period July 8-11, 2019 under the theme “The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Promoting Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA)”. This conference organized in collaboration with Al-Azhar University and the Government of Egypt. The Conference aims to create a congenial environment for harnessing Africa’s best minds and brains in directing efforts to the effective roles which higher education institutions (HEIs) can and should play in promoting CESA.

Many Institutions from East Africa Region Participated in this Conference such as University of Khartoum, Omdurman Islamic University, National University, University of Holly Quran and Islamic Sciences, Sudan International University and Nobles college of Science & Technology from Sudan. Beside Mogadishu University and Imam Shafi’i  University from Somalia, In addition to University of Juba from South Sudan.