List of universities in Somalia

Adal Medical University

Admas University

Amoud University

Beder International University

DYMON College

East Africa professional consultant

Eelo University

Horn International University College

Islamic Online University

Zailla Islamic College

Guul University

Aden Adde International University

African University

Al-hillal University

Al- Hayat Medical University

Al-Imra International University

Banadir State University

Baresan University

Benadir University

Bidhan Educational School of Science and Technology

British International University

Capital University of Somalia

Guul University

Daaru Salaam University

Daha International University

Darul Hikmah University

Frontier University

Green Hope University

Himilo University

Hiraan University

Hope University

Horizon International University

Horn of Africa University (HAU)

Horseed International University

Imam Shafi’i University

Imam University

Indian Ocean University

Institute of Management & Administration

Islamic University

Jamhuuriya University of Science & Technology

Jazeera University

Jobkey University (JU), Mogadishu, Hiiraan

Jubba University of Science and Technology

Kownayn University

Lower Shabelle University (LSU)

Merka University (MU), Lower Shabelle Region

Modern University for Science & Technology

Mogadishu University

[Mustaqbal International University

Mustaqbal University (MU)

Plasma University (PU)


Salaam University

Savannah University (SU)

SHIFA Health Science University

SIMAD University

SKY University

SMTC University

Sohdi University

Somali Human Development Institute

Somali International University

Somali National University

Somali Scholar University

Somaville University

Sombridge University

SWED University, Banadir

University College of Technology

University of Addawe

University of Darulsalam

University of Hormuud

University of KaxSheekhaal

University of Somalia

University of Somaville

Golden University

East Africa University

East-shore College of Health Professionals

Mogadishu University

Pidam University

SomCitizen College

University of Bosaso (UOB)

University of Health Sciences

Bardera Polytechnic

Bay Ciire University

Gedo International University

Green Hope University

Jubba Technical College

Somali Human Development Institute

University of Gedo

Jubba University of Somalia

Kismayo University

East Africa University

Puntland State University

University OfBosaso-Campus

Abaarso Tech University

Addis Ababa Medical University College

Admas University

Alpha University

Beder International university

Bubal University

Edna Aden University

Frantz Fanon University

Gollis University

Hikma University

Hope University

International Horn University

Islamic University Online

Jimma University

Marodi-Jeeh International University

Mount Kenya University

New Generation University

Northstar College

Rift Valley University

Shifo Medical University

Somaliland University of Technology

Unity University

University of Hargeisa

Global Science University

East Africa University

Galkacyo International University

Puntland State University

Galkacyo university Gu

East Africa University

Gollis University

Maakhir University

Queen of Sheba University

Sanaag University of Science and Technology

Gollis University

Ilays National University

Nugaal University